dijous, 24 de juliol de 2008

Xavier Rey

"Born in Albi (France) in 1974, I have been practicing photography for several years just for immortalizing special events happening with my relatives.

It was only in 2005, when I arrived in Bordeaux that I gave to the photography a different sense.

I joined the collective of SPBordeaux photographers, where it became a reel passion for me.

Being of an eclectic nature, I am trying all photographic types.

Through the meeting other photographers, and my passion for marine landscapes, I give little by little to my work an orientation to a photographic style, where square format and the long exposure become two evidences.

My approach with the photography has something instinctive, like an impulse which makes me press on the shutter release at a precise time in order to capture the place, the ambiance, people..."

Xavier Rey

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Xavier Rey ha dit...

thanks a lot Xavi for the feature, i really appreciate !!

best regards